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2024 NorCal Level 10 Seniors


  • Taken at Level 10 State Championship Awards
  • Roebbelen Center, Roseville


2024 Xcel Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire State Championships


  • April 5-7, 2024
  • Hosted by CCGI in Visalia
  • Venue: Visalia Convention Center
  •  Xcel Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Sapphire


2024 Level 6-7 Regional Championships


  • April 19-21, 2024
  • Hosted by Pacific West Gymnastics
  • Venue: Alameda Fairgrounds, Pleasanton
  • Levels 6-7


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NCWGA (NorCal)

The Northern California Women's Gymnastics Association is an organization of gymnastics clubs that works in conjunction with various National organizations to promote and oversee gymnastics in Northern California.

USA Gymnastics SAC/NorCal

USA Gymnastics is the governing body of gymnastics for the United States.  The State Administrative Committee (SAC)  NorCal is the committee that makes sure all rules are followed in qualifying and competitions.

National Gymnastics Association

National Gymnastics Association (NGA) is an organization for competitive gymnastics that focuses on the grass roots levels of gymnastics.  NCWGA monitors qualification to meets and makes sure all rules are followed.


What is NorCal?

Officially, NorCal State is one of the many "states" recognized by USA Gymnastics (the state of California has so many gymnasts, they divided it in two! NorCal and SoCal). NorCal has it's own State Board which administers the rules and regulations of USA Gymnastics in USAG sanctioned events. NorCal extends from San Luis Obispo to the Oregon border. We are also part of Region 1, (The USAG has divided the USA into 8 gymnastics Regions) which is comprised of Northern and Southern California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. NorCal itself is divided into 9 'Zones', based on geography and population. In NorCal, Zones Championships are used as qualifying meets for the compulsory level gymnasts to their State Championships.

NorCal however, is more. It is also a collective body of gym club owners, judges and competitive programs head coaches in Northern California who decided to get together to get themselves organized, run camps and clinics, exchange information and run our own competitive program. By presenting a united front of a large population of the gymnastics community NorCal has also been an influence on gymnastics in the US at large with several of it's members serving in important positions with our National Governing body ( USAG at the moment.) NorCal has a second state board, elected by the membership, that looks after NorCal's needs, a fact which has led to some confusion and animosity at times with USAG. This has not been helped by the strident independence felt by most of the gymnastics community in NorCal (we have long been regarded as the "libertarian wing" of US Gymnastics!)

NorCal also has a rich tradition of excellence in competition. We have had our share of National Team members, Olympians and National Team Coaches, many who have gone on to be USAG Officials and some of the most successful university coaches in the US. Clubs like Diablo Gymnastics, Almaden Valley Gymnastics, West Valley Gymnastics, Rohnert Park Gymnastics, Twisters Gymnastics, Pozsar's Gymnastics Airborne Gymnastics, and Golden Gate Gymnastics have all competed at the International level and we have been home to Olympians like Amy Chow, Tracee Talavera, Julianne McNamara, Pam Bileck and Michelle Campi.

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