GotScored Virtual State Championships


Got Scored Virtual State Championships

This is meant to be a fun, unofficial NorCal State Championship using videos to be judged in June 2020

National Gymnastics Day 2020


  • September 19, 2020
  • Theme:  Why Do You Love Gymnastics?
  • Start Planning Now!

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  • Membership Fees have Been Reduced For this Year
    • Club Membership is now $50/year instead of $100/year
    • Athlete Membership is now $1/athlete instead of $12/athlete
    • Now Late Fees this year
  • Fall State Meets will be moved to Spring!
  • Please Stay Safe And Healthy
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NCWGA (NorCal)

The Northern California Women's Gymnastics Association is an organization of gymnastics clubs that works in conjunction with USA Gymnastics to promote and oversee gymnastics in Northern California.

USA Gymnastics SAC/NorCal

USA Gymnastics is the governing body of gymnastics for the United States.  The State Administrative Committee (SAC)  NorCal is the committee that makes sure all rules are followed in qualifying and competitions.


National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges NorCal recruits, trains, develops, assigns, and represents judges in Northern California.  It is the Northern California part of the National organization.


GotScored Virtual State Championships

    Updated 04/24/20


    2020 Unofficial Virtual NorCal State Championships!

    Videos Must Be Submitted By June 7, 2020!

    • Levels

      • Junior Olympic Level 3-10

      • Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond

    • Deadline For Video Submission: June 7, 2020.  You may enter and submit your videos anytime before that date!

    • Judging/Scoring Will Be Complete Not Later Than June 21, 2020

    • Results Will Be Posted When Judging Is Complete And Awards Will be Mailed At That Time.

    • No Team Scores Or State Teams Will Be Determined From This Competition.

    • Submit Video Footage on each event to GotScored

      • Videos should be from the 2019-2020 season through June 7

      • You may use existing videos or new videos

      • Video can be from a meet or from practice

      • Videos may be uploaded by individual gymnasts or by the club

      • One video per event per gymnast (i.e. you cannot submit 3  beam routines for one meet but you may submit your best routine on each event from any meet or practice)

      • Entry Fee: $10 per Event ($40 total for All Around)

        • Gymnasts may pay entry fees individually

        • Clubs may choose to pay the entry fees and give their gymnasts a code to use as payment (email

    • Upload Your Videos To GotScored

    • Be Sure to Check Out Past Meets On GotScored

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