Meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 9:45pm.

Members in attendance were: Robert Waroff, Perry Siu, Maria Ohlsen, Josie Rozzelle, Melanie Rozzelle, Darcie Hansen, Jennifer Shipman, Jennifer Battagalia, Kathy Lopes, Mary McKulle, and Ben Corr.

Motion to approve the minutes from the Aug. 31st meeting. No quorum. Tabled to next meeting.

Treasurerís Report: N/A

USAG State Chair Report:

*Reminder about the upcoming judgesí clinic in Dec. in Stockton, as well as the level 7 Judges Cup Qualifier and Level 8-10 Critique.

NAWGJ State Chairís Report:

*Dec. judgesí clinic will be on Dec. 6&7 in Stockton. Carol Bung is the guest judge.

*The level 7 Judges Cup Qualifier will be the next weekend on Dec. 13 &14 @ SJSU along with the Level 8-10 Critique.

Old Business:

*Handbook competitive charts are complete and will be put into the competition section of the handbook and sent to the membership upon the Boardís approval.


New Business:

*There was discussion of how to block the NorCal & NAWGJ website from unauthorized usage. Ben Corr is investigating.

*There was discussion about the roster needing an update as there are already changes. Mary will send an update sheet with any and all changes she has up to Dec. 2003 to all members.

*There was discussion regarding potentially changing our Fall Executive Board Meeting to the Level 6 State Meet date each year.

*Proposals need to be brought to your respective Zone Rep before meetings. Remember that only NorCal members can give input regarding the NorCal Organization. There was discussion on how decisions are made in NorCal, and how the Executive Board can potentially provide more leadership in the proposals process to better represent the membership.

*NorCal Awards for Zone and State Championships: Perry Siu is working with the NorCal Awards Chairman to clarify what awards are purchased. If there any concerns about awards, please contact Perry Siu or Kimberly Kor.

*There was clarification regarding this seasonís Level 5 State Meet location, as it was held at Technique gym and technically, all NorCal State Meets must be held at an offsite facility. However, Technique had originally bid with Sac State as the site, and late into September, Sac. State fell through. With the State Meet only two months away, Perry Siu, NorCal Chairman, made the executive decision to allow Technique to host it, thus saving NorCal the huge ordeal of finding another meet host at that late date. Thanks to Technique for hosting a great State Meet!

*Paul Hausladen Memorial Scholarship Award:

In memory of Paul Hausladen, as he was a long time coach and friend of NorCal Gymnastics. The purpose of this scholarship is to help pay for the expenses arising during a competitive season of a gymnast facing a financial hardship. It will be awarded at the June meeting. Donations for this award are being accepted. A committee has been formed to solidify the recipientsí qualifications.

Scholarship Committee:

Head-Darcie Hansen, Robert Waroff, Mary McKulle, Laurel Graver.

*There was discussion regarding parents and spectators using loud cheers at meets. It is the coaches and Meet Directors responsibilities to control the crowd! Thank you.

Motion to adjourn. Seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10:47pm.

Respectively submitted,


Mary McKulle, Secretary