Minutes from the Nor Cal Executive Board Meeting held November 13, 1999.

The meeting was called to order at 8:10pm.

Members in attendance were: Fran Earles, Darcy Fellows-Hansen, Mary Miller, Penny Moyce, Josie Rozzelle, Robert Shawler, Jennifer Shipman, Patty Shipman, Robert Waroff.

A proposal was made to approve the previous meeting minutes. Seconded. Passed.

Treasurer’s report: Bill was not present to give a report.

USAG State Chairman’s report: Fran didn’t have that much to say. She shared the USAG Newsletter with the Board, and included are the National Office holiday hours, as follows:

USAG will close on Wed., Nov. 24 at 12 noon, and will reopen on Mon., Nov. 29 for the Thanksgiving break. For the Holiday break, they will close on Thurs., Dec. 23 at 5:30pm, and reopen on Monday, Jan. 3.

NAWGJ State Director’s report: Jennifer reported that the top 6 level 6’s are very excited about their upcoming trip to National Judges’ Cup. The Judges Assoc. plans to cover airfare, hotel, food, and the entry fees for those girls to represent Nor Cal. The Executive Board discussed the possibility of helping foot some of the additional expenses. It was proposed that Nor Cal will help with some of the coaches’ expenses, as well as providing Nor Cal shirts for the coaches and sweatshirts for the gymnasts. Seconded. Passed.

NAWGJ and Nor Cal will try to continue to send the top 6 level 6’s to National Judges’ cup on an annual basis, although such complete funding for the athlete’s cannot be guaranteed.

Zone Rep reports: The Zone meets were reported to have gone well, despite major power outages and exploding propane tanks!

There was a discussion about major breaches of ethical conduct by both parents and coaches at some of the meets. The Board will look into how it will enforce the consequences of such behavior in the future. Consequences such as suspension from participation in Nor Cal events, and holding coaches responsible for the actions of their clubs’ parents were considered. It was noted that the Rules of Ethical conduct had been erroneously omitted from the current Handbook, and they will be included in the next printing.

Robert Waroff announced that he will no longer be the Zone 4 rep, as he is moving to Gymstars in Zone 8. Also, he presented to the Board some preliminary plans for the rezoning of Nor Cal. More discussion will be needed before proposing a final zoning change.

Penny brought up the issue that as Zone meet host, there are discrepancies between the Handbook and the appendix pages with regard to Budget and Financial Statements for Zone meets. The correct subsidy for the state subsidy is $3.00 per gymnast, as stated in the Competition section of the Handbook, but is listed as $2.00 per gymnast in the Budget and Financial Statements. Those should read $3.00 per gymnast.

Also, the Regional Subsidy is not listed for State meet hosts, and that is $2.00 per gymnast, to be paid to the Regional Chair.

Judges fees are listed in the budget statement as $450 per session, which is extremely low. That will be changed to read $800 per session for Zone and State meet budget statements.

Old Business: More handbook corrections: On page 17, under Nor-Cal State Teams, the first sentence should be changed to read "The Northern California Women’s Gymnastics Association will form one Level 6 All State Team ( the top 6 finishers at State Chapmpionships regardless of age goups),…

New Business: Suggestions for changing the qualification from Zone to State were discussed. It was proposed that for qualification to State at level 5 and 6 Zones, NorCal uses a percent of a percent method by age groups, with a minimum score of 32.00, and any additional slots to be filled in by rank order regardless of zone. Seconded. Passed. (This proposal will be taken to a vote by the General Membership at the June meeting.)

A proposal was also made to determine those age groups based on the actual numbers of gymnasts registered in Nor Cal by Oct. 1st. Seconded. Passed.

Proposal to adjourn the meeting. Seconded. Passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm.

Next meeting will be held Friday, Jan. 21 at 10:00am at Diablo Gym.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Mary P. Miller, Secretary