Meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 6:13pm.


Members in attendance were: 

Tharian Bramhall, Fran Earles, Doug Miller, Bill Strom, Jennifer Shipman,

Mary McKulle, Maria Ohlson-Fein, Josie Rozzelle, Penny Moyce,

Darcie Fellows, Melanie Rozzelle, Robert Waroff, Judy Johansen, Patty Shipman,

Paul  Hausladen, Robert Shawler, and  Perry Siu.



Motion to approve the minutes from the June 9th meeting.  Seconded. 

A clarification was made authorizing Treasurer Patty Shipman to act as 

financial director of Nor Cal.

Motion to approve the June minutes as amended.  Seconded.  PASSED.


Treasurer’s Report: Patty Shipman is Nor Cal’s new Secretary.

 Please note her address and phone numbers: 

3444 Country Club Blvd.

Stockton, Ca. 95024

(209) 943-1094/home 

(209) 464-9497/work

(209) 464-0538/fax

e-mail: pshipman@aol.com

*Zone 8 still needs to send club membership money and registration forms to Patty.

*Level 4 athletes do not need to register with NorCal.  Therefore, clubs do not send athlete fees until gymnasts are competing level 5 and above.  Zone Reps are responsible to know who the level 5s are in their zones, so clubs make sure that you report accurately to your rep.  There was a discussion as to what to do with the fees from level 4s that have already paid these fees in error.  Bill Strom said to refund those clubs that have paid these fees.  It was agreed that the Zone Reps would handle refunds through Patty.  If your club did pay these fees, contact your Zone Rep.


State Chair’s Report: 


*NEW SANCTION VIOLATION FINE:  $500   Meet Directors beware.


*Discussion about the new horse.  Fran reported that USAG is moving towards using the new vaulting horse at all optional meets starting in Jan. 2002.  This decision will be made in Nov./Dec.   There will be enough in supply for all clubs within this year.


*Regional & Jo Nationals update:

Level 8 Regionals date has been changed to April 12-15, 2001 hosted by Extreme Gymnastics in Phoenix, AZ.

*9/10 Regionals on April 5-7, 2002 will be hosted in Las Vegas.

*JO Nationals on May 3-5, 2002 will be hosted in Baltimore.

*East/West Nationals will be expanded to include 6 age groups.


NAWGJ State Director’s Report:

*The Judges, Cup meet was a success.  Sorry about the heat!  Thanks everyone for your help and support.

*Any changes in meet  schedule, please contact PJ ASAP.

*Level 7 National Judges Cup will be held in St. Louis, Missouri.  The qualifier meet will be Dec. 8/9th.  Location TBA.


Zone Rep Reports:  Zone 6 Rep is Melanie Rozzelle (Diablo Gymnastics) and Zone 8 Rep is being shared by Tharian Bramhall & Maria Ohslon-Fein (Morgan  Hill Gymnastics).

*Send all club membership forms and money to your Zone Rep..  Please use the new forms.  The new form is online.

*Zone Meet hosts:

1-Athletic Horizons








9-Central Coast Gymnastics


*State Meet hosts will be:

L/5 - Head Over Heels @ Emeryville H.S. in Emeryville

L/6 - Almaden @ site TBA

L/7 - CCGI @ Tulare Memorial Bldg. In Tulare

L/8 - Marin Elite @ Domincan University

L/9&10 – Cal West @ site TBA


Nor Cal Special Awards:  ballots to be handed out at the General Meeting.  Winners will be awarded at the Dec. coaches and judges clinic.




New Business:

*Don Peters was a guest speaker about the World Championships in 2003 in Anaheim.  He is on the committee organizing the event and is the liaison between Nor Cal and Southern Cal and the World Games Committee. His goal is to make this the best World Games ever. If anyone is interested in helping with any aspect of this event, please contact Don Peters. His e-mail address is donpeters@msn.com.


*Perry Siu brought up the subject of supporting College gymnastics.  Many aspects of this subject were discussed.  Money is not the issue, physical support at meets is extremely important.  Colleges are slowly dropping their programs.  Santa Barbara and San Jose State programs are on thin ice.  Santa Barbara dropped their program this year and reinstated it for one year.  Please support your local college teams by offering to do demos and bringing your gymnasts to college meets.  Perry would to develop a tracking system for Nor Cal gymnasts and colleges they attend.


Bill Strom asked the Board to purchase a laptop for Nor Cal’s Pro Score system.     Motion to approve the purchase of a laptop up to $2500 for Nor Cal’s Pro Score system.  Seconded.  Approved.


Motion to adjourn.  Seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm.





Meeting was called to order at 7:14pm.


Member clubs in attendance were: Almaden Valley, American, Athletic Horizons, Byers Sacramento, CCGI, Central Coast, Clovis Academy, Davis, Diablo, Encore, Extreme, Fox, Gymtowne, Gymstars, Gymweavers, Healdsburg, Marin Elite,  Michael Anthony’s, Miyagi, Morgan Hill, Mt. Shasta, North Bay YMCA, Novato, On Track, Oroville, Pegasus, Peninsula, Pozsar’s, Redwood Empire, Rising Stars, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, S.A.S., Technique, USA Sport Connection, Westside Academy, Woodland.


Proposal to approve the minutes from the June 9th meeting, as corrected. 

Seconded.  Passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Patty Shipman is the Nor Cal Secretary.  See the minutes from the Executive Board meeting for her address.

*Zone still needs to send in club membership forms and money.

*Level 4 gymnasts do not register with Nor Cal until they become Level 5 competitive gymnasts.  Some clubs have paid for them and will receive a refund.


State Chair’s Report:


*Our new ROTC is Sue Graf.

*Any suggestions you may have regarding the new compulsory elements for the 2005 cycle should be made by Dec., 2001 to Tom Koll.  The new elements will be decided on by Dec, 2001.

*The new horse survey is online – no horses have been approved by USAG yet.  The new horse may be used in all optional meets as of Jan, 2002.  That decision will be made in Nov/Dec.

*NEW SANCTION VIOLATION FINE: $500  - Meet Directors beware.


NAWGJ State Director’s Report: 

*The Judge’s Cup was a great success.  Thanks for everyone’s participation and support.  (Sorry about the heat!)

*Any changes in meet schedule, please contact PJ ASAP.

*The L/7 National Judges Cup will be held in St. Louis, Missouri.  The qualifier will be held on Dec. 8/9 at a site TBA.

*A coaches and judges clinic hosted by NAWGJ will be held on Dec.1&2 in Stockton.  It has been a successful event in the past and will be even better if more coaches attend.  This is a great chance for the coaches and judges to come together and share perspectives. Please plan on attending.  More information will follow soon.


Zone Rep Reports:  Melanie Rozzelle is zone 6 rep and Therien Bramhall and Maria Ohlson-Fein are sharing the zone 8 responsibilities.

*Zone meet locations-see minutes from the Executive Board meeting. 

*Use the new application forms when registering your club in Nor Cal.  The form is online.  Throw away all old forms!

*Send all forms and money to your Zone Rep.

*Keep your Zone Rep updated with your club’s competitive gymnasts.  Inform them of any changes such as move ups, additions, deletions, etc.  Your Zone Rep is your liaison, please direct any questions or problems to them.


Nor Cal Special Awards:

*Ballots were handed out and will be sent to any club that did not receive one.  Please return to Perry Siu ASAP.  Winners will be awarded at the coaches and judges clinic in Dec.


Old Business:

*State meet locations – see minutes from the Executive Board meeting.


New Business:

*Don Peters - see minutes from the Executive Board meeting.

*Discussion about supporting local colleges.  Support your local colleges by bringing your gymnasts to their meets.  Our colleges in California are dropping programs.  Many ideas about how we can increase support of the colleges were brought up. Please contact Perry Siu if you are interested in creating a committee dedicated to developing an interaction between Nor Cal clubs and colleges.

*Nor Cal will be purchasing a laptop for our Pro Score system.  The cost will not exceed $2500.

*Bill Strom needs help running the Pro Score system at state meets.  Contact him ASAP if you are interested.


Motion to adjourn.  Seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm


Respectfully submitted,




Mary McKulle, Secretary