AUGUST 20, 1999

 Minutes of the Nor Cal Meeting held August 20, 1999 at the Sheraton Rancho Cordova.

Meeting was called to order at 8:26pm. There was no Executive Board meeting, and not enough members present for a quorum.

The corrected minutes from the previous meeting are posted on the Nor Cal website.

NAWGJ Director's Report
Jennifer Shipman's
Report was given by Cara Gibson

The new meet assigner is PJ Slater. If you are holding a meet, be sure to get the final meet information to PJ 30 days before your meet. Also be sure to include the $3.00 per judge finders fee with your original meet requests.
Please note that the new fee structure for judges is now in effect.
Patty wanted to thank all the participants of the Judges Cup in advance!

USAG State Chairman Report
Fran Earles

USAG has added a new "assistant" coach professional membership for 16 or 17 year old coaches so that they may be out on the floor. The membership costs $40, and they must also audit a Safety Certification class for $25.
If you are moving, be sure to notify USAG! They will not forward your memberships.
Fran thanked everyone who sent in the ballots for judges to regionals and above. She got a good response.
When asked for questions that she could take to the State Chair's meeting next week, the members present had many suggestions for Fran. Included was the question as to whether or not financial statements would be available from the Regional Chair as previously requested. Fran has received no response as yet.

NOR CAL Awards
The special awards were announced as follows

Optional Coach of the Year - Robert Shawler

Choreographer of the Year - Suzie Goodmanson

Judge of the Year - Kathy Sgamba

Don Nelson Memorial Award - Jo Anne Byers
(Contributor of the Year)

James Wallace Award - the nomination was declined

Congratulations to all award recipients!

There was a discussion about forming some type of awards committee to revive the process and make sure deserving Nor Cal professionals are recognized by nomination.

Calendar Update
The competition calendar has not really changed.
All State meets have been assigned as follows:

Level 5 Cal Sports Center

Level 6 Cal West (at a site TBD)

Level 7 Rohnert Park

Level 8 Almaden @ San Jose St.

Level 9/10 Airborne @ San Jose St.

Also, Nor Cal is submitting a bid to host the Level 10 Nationals in 2001

Old Business

Handbook update: The handbook has been updated through the June 5, 1999 meeting. The updated version is on the Nor Cal website (norcal-gymnastics.org), and copies will be sent out with the 1999 rosters to all current members in the beginning of September.

New Business

Nor Cal will be buying the logo from Steve Wilken. Robert Shawler would like to propose that the logo be required to be included on all Nor Cal sponsored meet apparel, etc...
Robert also brought up some concerns about sponsorships, and how to decide when a company may exert too much influence on a Nor Cal meet. It was discussed and decided that since Nor Cal events are sanctioned by USAG, we would go by the guidelines already determined by USAG with regard to corporate sponsors.
There was a question about compulsory gymnasts who cannot compete on particular days due to religious beliefs, and if they would be allowed to qualify to State through a different zone. It was determined that such a case should be handled on an individual basis, and an official petition process should be carried out.
The issue of disproportionately large zones was addressed. These zones, while receiving the most spots to State, still don't qualify kids who score much higher than the gymnasts from far smaller zones who do end up qualifying. Dave Peterson is going to look into the numbers from this year and Nor Cal will then reassign Zones, if necessary, for next season based on his findings.
Fran mentioned that USAG has decided not to make Level 10 requirements more difficult because of such a drop off of kids by that level.
Dave Peterson added that they will be having a Safety Certification at Cal Sports Center on Sept. 18th.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:13pm.

Next Executive Board meeting will be held on Oct. 15, at 10:00am, at Diablo (or a site nearby).

Respectfully submitted,


Mary P. Miller, Secretary