JUNE 5, 1999

Members in attendance were Penny Moyce, Mike Guzman, Ben Corr, Cindy Marchetti, Darcie Fellows-Hansen, Robert Waroff, Owen Heery, Dave Peterson, Danielle Bunel, Michael Lynn, Juan Sanchez, Paul Hausladen, Cindy Ferranti, Sheldon Gibson, Patty Shipman, Toni Cupal, Fran Earles, Jennifer Shipman, Robert Shawler, Mary Miller, Perry Siu, Bill Strom. Meeting was called to order by the chairman at 9:10am.

Treasurer's report: Bill Strom reported that Nor Cal is about $840 down from where we were last year, and he had a breakdown of accounts received by zone for the zone reps.

State Director's report: See enclosed notes from Fran Earles. She also mentioned that there is an added $3.00 per gymnast fee at State meets to go to the Regional chair to help defray costs of Regionals. She congratulated Nor Cal on their fine showing at Nationals, noting that individually Bridget Glass placed first All Around, and Kristen Parker and Lauren Mirkovich won Bars in their respective age groups.

NAWGJ Director's report: Toni reported: 1.We are in the process of electing a new State Judging Director and State NAWGJ Board. Our new SJD is Jennifer Shipman. Congratulations to Jennifer! She is a great judge and has been stepping up to this leadership position for the last few years. I'm confident she'll do a great job. (SJD Jennifer Shipman, 3 Atherton Island, Stockton, CA 95204. (209) 464-9497 at work.)

The new Board is:

Assigning Committee Chair - To be elected

Judges Training Director - Fran Earles

Membership Coordinator - Cara Gibson

Secretary/Treasurer - Patty Shipman

Newsletter Editor - Jamie Ulloa

2. Judges Cup will be held Aug. 21-22, 1999 at Technique. Registration materials are being mailed if you don't pick them up today. We thank you for all your support in the past and hope we'll see you there this year.

3. Meet schedule has been finalized. Please continue to contact Patty Shipman regarding any changes until the new assigning committee chair is in place.

4. On a personal note, I want to let everyone know that I have decided to retire from judging in order to spend more time with my new son, Marco, and my slightly neglected husband, Mike. I have enjoyed working with all of you tremendously, and I always look forward to sharing your energy and love of a good laugh.

Motherhood has made me even more appreciative of how much you give to the children you coach. Thank you for all the years of fun. I'll miss all of you and will be sure to stop by now and then to say hi.

Old Business: The competitive calendar was distributed at the meeting, and a corrected version will be mailed.

After some discussion, a proposal was made to move the Level 5 and 6 Zone meets to the week-end of November 6th and 7th. Seconded. Passed.

Perry Siu reported on the Scores and Ethics committee that surveys had been sent out, and he had already received some responses. The hope is to set at least a common direction for Nor Cal, and define the roles and goals of both judges and coaches as we look at these issues.

New Business: A proposal was made to determine the State Team Championship by averaging each teams scores, with a minimum of 4 per event. Seconded. PASSED.

There was a great deal of discussion over the fairest method of determining the State Team Champions.

A second proposal was made to determine State Team Championships by designating teams and then adding the top scores in the traditional format. Team designation would occur after Zone meets or when filling out the State entry form. Seconded. PASSED. (This motion nullifies the previous proposal.)

For the 1999 - 2000 competitive season, teams will be required to designate their team upon entering the State meet.

Moving back to old business, Robert Shawler brought up the need for updated entry fees for Zone and State meets so that the hosts don't lose money. He proposed to change the existing entry fee structure to read:

Level 5 and 6 Zone entry fee shall not exceed $40.00 (this shall include the $4.00 per athlete Nor-Cal State Subsidy fee to be sent to the USAG State Director). State entry fees shall range between $50.00 and $60.00 (pending budget statement approval). This shall include the $3.00 per athlete Nor Cal State Team Subsidy to be sent to the Nor Cal Treasurer).

Level 7-10 State entry fee shall range beween $55.00 and $75.00 (pending budget statement approval). This shall include the $3.00 per athlete State Subsidy fee to be sent to the USAG State Director, and a $3.00 per athlete Nor Cal State team Subsidy to be sent to the Nor Cal Treasurer. The Level 8,9, and 10 State Championships entries will help to cover the cost of the four judge panels. Nor Cal will cover any amoun980ional entry fees. Seconded. PASSED.

This change will be in the upcoming handbook.

Bill Strom motioned that we take to the General meeting a proposal to stagger the election of Nor Cal Board members in order to create some continuity between successive boards. Seconded. PASSED. This motion will be discussed at the General Membership meeting.

Dave Peterson proposed that the $3.00 fee for the Regional subsidy be held in Nor Cal's reserves until such time as the Regional Chairperson produces a financial report to account for how those subsidies are spent. Seconded. PASSED.

There was a discusson concerning the rising popularity of Level 4. Fran had concerns about judging, and whether or not the judges need to be trained to prepare to include level 4's at regular compulsory meets.

The proposal was made that anyone hosting a level 4 meet must provide skill evaluators to judge those athletes. Seconded. DEFEATED.

It was proposed that level 4's be included in level 5 and 6 competitions providing that everyone involved is properly notified. That notification must be included in all meet information, judges' contracts, and sanction forms. Seconded. PASSED.

Fran noted that the rotations at all competitions are SUPPOSED to be separated by level, not necessarily by club. This is in the R. & P. She wants all meet directors to try to adhere to this rule whenever possible.

Motion to adjourn. Seconded. PASSED. Meeting adjourned at 10:55am.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary P. Miller


Minutes from the NCWGA General Membership Meeting
June 5, 1999
at the Concord Inn

 Meeting was called to order at 11:15am. Member clubs in attendance were: Airborne, Almaden Valley, Athletic Horizons, Atwater, Byers, Byers-Roseville, Cal West, Calaveras Gold, California Sports Center, Central CA Gym. Institute, Central Coast, Clovis, Cypress, Davis, Demaray's, Diablo, Golden Bear, Golden Gate, Gymstars, Gymtowne, Lescisin, MEGA, Merced, Michael Anthony's, Miyagi, Morgan Hill, North Bay YMCA, Novato, Pegasus, Pozsar's, Redwood Empire, Rising Star, Rohnert Park, San Anselmo, San Mateo, San Rafael, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Splitz, Starz, Stellar, Sunnyvale, Technique, TriValley, Turlock, Windmill, Woodland.

Motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting. Seconded. PASSED.

JoAnne Byers and John McCasy spoke to the membership about the upcoming John Hancock U.S. Championships, and ways for clubs to participate and get more participation from the general public. There have already been over $100,000 in ticket sales, and the goal is 1/2 Million. If you want to be a part of this exciting event, contact JoAnne at (916)264-7718.

Mike Guzman thanked Nor Cal members for their support after Christie Manning's trauma, and reported that she is eating, and "tracking" objects visually, but still has a long road to recovery. He showed a moving video tribute to her.

Treasurer's report: See attached sheet.

USAG State Director's report: See attached report from Fran.

She also reminded the membership to be sure and use correct USAG numbers when competing in Aug. and Sept.

Coaches need to know their Club USAG #'s and report them accurately on meet sign-in sheets.

Also, judges are no longer allowed to flash start values at any meets except State and above. If you are a meet director, and you want coaches to know start values, Fran suggests you put a space for them on your score cards.

Fran asked for Nor Cal clubs to consider bidding to host a Regional or National championship meet.

NAWGJ State director's report: See Toni's report in the Executive Board Meeting minutes.

Robert thanked Toni for her great service, and expressed that we will all miss her.

Nor Cal Awards: The Compulsory Coach of the Year recognition was awarded to Rudy Rodriguez. Other nominees recognized were: Kathy Yamamoto, Jennifer Guskey, Dominique Pajita, and Lisa Chester-Aguirre.

The Perpetual Team Trophy winner was Airborne.

Old Business:

Corrections were made to the calendar that was handed out. Those changes will be included in an updated calendar, which will be mailed to all Nor Cal members.

Robert Shawler informed the membership that the dates for both level 5 and 6 Zone Championships will be November 6 & 7. Included in the new handbook will be deadlines for qualification scores and entries into all Nor Cal Championship meets.

A proposal was made to make qualification to Level 5 and 6 State Meets determined by a percentage of a percent for each Zone in Nor Cal according to age groups, based on registered numbers. Seconded. PASSED.

Each Zone will now receive an allocated number of slots to State broken down by age groups. (For example, your zone may take top three 7yr olds, top 5 eight and nine year olds, and so on, with the age groups to be determined by the numbers of gymnasts registered.)

Scores and Ethics Committee: Perry informed the members that there would be a forum to discuss the issues involved with scores in Nor Cal following the meeting. The committee will meet at a future date to then try and decide a course of action based on these concerns.

Level 4 Competition: It was decided at the Executive Board meeting that clubs should be allowed to include level 4's in their meets, as long as meet directors include that information in all their meet flyers, judges contracts and sanction forms.

Team Designation: It was voted and approved during the Executive Board meeting that, beginning this season, all teams competing at State meets would be designated. The merits of this were debated.

It was proposed that, rather than designate teams, the scores from each team at State be averaged by event. Seconded. DEFEATED.

A proposal was made to adopt a Large Team and Small Team State Championship award. Seconded. DEFEATED.

The proposal was made that team designation to State meets be clarified as designating one more gymnast than the number of scores which count. Seconded. PASSED. (If 5 girls are designated, 4 scores count, etc...)

Bill reminded everyone that Membership Applications for Nor Cal are due before the end of Aug. After that time, there is a penalty.

Also, Pro Score rental is available through Bill Strom once again. Rentals are on a first come, first served basis.

The proposal was made that Nor Cal alternates the terms for the Executive Board positions beginning with the next election, so that terms of two of the officers would overlap with the others and create more continuity between each board. Seconded. PASSED.

Fran once again congratulated Nor Cal on our excellent representation at the Regional and National Championships.

After reconvening following Zone meetings, the following numbers and information were reported:

Zone Level 5's Level 6's Level 7's Level 8's Level 9's Level 10's Elites
2 111 57 30 20 16 7 0
3 56 38 17 10 7 5 1
4 67 17 22 21 20 7 1
5 62 41 21 20 14 11 1
6 30 24 22 14 13 6 0
7 120 75 17 15 15 10 0
8 80 40 25 25 18 15 0


Zone Zone Representative Zone Meet Host Qualifying Score/System
1 Cindy Ferranti TBD TBD
2 Darcy Fellows-Hansen Redwood Empire 30.0
3 Cindy Marchetti Byers-Roseville Top 72 @ each level
4 Robert Waroff Technique 29.0
5 Josie Rozelle Golden Gate 30.0 (w/guarantee of 40 @ L.6)
6 Penny Moyce San Mateo 30.0
7 Dave Peterson TBD Top 72 @ each level
8 Sheldon Gibson CCGI 30.0 (w/guarantee of 40 @ L.6)

State Meet Hosts

Level 5 - California Sports Center, Nov. 20-21

Level 6 - Cal West, Nov. 13-14

Level 7 - TBD, Apr. 1-2

Level 8 - TBD, Mar. 18-19

Level 9/10 - TBD, Mar. 25-26

Motion to adjourn. Seconded. PASSED. Meeting adjourned at 1:50pm.

Next meeting to be held Aug. 21 or 22 (in conjunction with Judges' Cup).

 Respectfully submitted,


Mary P. Miller