Minutes from the Nor Cal Executive Board Meeting held June 3, 2000. 

Meeting called to order at 8:17am.    

Members in attendance:  Danielle Bunel, Fran Earles, Rebecca Del Camp, Cindy Ferranti, Darcie Fellows-Hansen, Mary McKulle, Mary P. Miller, Penny Moyce, Dave Peterson, Josie Rozzelle, Robert Shawler, Jennifer Shipman, and Bill Strom.

Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting.  Seconded.  PASSED.

Treasurer’s report:  Bill Strom reported that Nor Cal still has monies outstanding from awards for Zone meets.

USAG State Chair’s report:  Fran Earles has not received any financial statements from the State championship meets.  They must be sent in immediately, as they need to be approved by the Regional Chair since the entry fees were above $50.   

Denise Porrazzo is resigning as the Regional Chairperson next month.

NAWGJ State Director’s report:  Jennifer Shipman reported that the Nor Cal scholarships for new judges were very well received.  8 people accepted scholarships, and 7 have just finished their testing.

Judges Cup will be Aug. 26/27.  May have to be held at Technique, but will have to limit participants and judges allowed on the floor because of space considerations.  They are checking into the possibility of holding it offsite. 

The meet schedule is finished, and in the optional season it worked out so that there is only one level 10 meet per day.  This will allow all level 10 sessions to be judged by appropriate judges.   

If you want to have an intersquad meet, you may either contact the judges yourself, or have P.J. contract it for you.  If it is a sanctioned event, the finders fee must be sent to P.J. in order for it to be insured. 

Region 1 Congress:  Josie Rozzelle reported on behalf of Chere Tamura that the tentative schedule of Congress is finished.  Please register early!   

Old Business:  The compulsory clinic was a big success.  More than 45 coaches attended, and gave very positive feedback on the day. 

The new zones will be evaluated once we get all the numbers from the Zone Reps. 

New Business:  Robert S. read a letter from Tamara Ross requesting a proposal to do away with the team designation rule at Nor Cal State Championships.  Proposal to bring up the issue of State meet team designation at the General Membership meeting.  Seconded.  Passed. 

Bill S. mentioned the changes in ProScore rental requirements.  The equipment is frequently returned with the cables completely tangled.  From now on, you must pay $200 upon rental, and if it is returned in good condition (clean, untangled) you will be refunded $50.  The equipment is rented on a first come, first served basis. 

Danielle Bunel reported that Alan Stein, Tri-Valley Gymnastics, has just been diagnosed with ALM Leukemia.  He is at UCSF Hospital - room 1125 - for the next few weeks for chemotherapy, and will have a long series of treatments to fight this disease.  Cards and letters are appreciated.  Please do not send flowers or balloons, as they would be detrimental to the environment needed in his room.  The board decided to circulate cards for the membership to sign to wish him well. 

Penny Moyce reported that Stefi Daehler has chosen to attend Cornell University, and was surprised and very grateful to receive the William Glover Scholarship. 

The following are the proposed dates for Nor Cal & USAG Championships: 

Zone Meets: Saturday, November 4th - zones 2, 4, 6, 8
Sunday,   November 5th - zones 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
State Meets: Level 6 Nov. 11/12
Level Nov. 18/19
Level 7 Mar. 24/25
Level 8 Mar. 31/ Apr. 1
Level 9 & 10 Apr. 7/8
Regionals: Level 8 Apr. 28/29
Level 9 & 10 Apr. 21/22
Western Nationals: (Level 9) May 11 - 13
J.O. Nationals: (Level 10) May 18 - 20

  Motion to adjourn at 9:05 am.  Seconded.  APPROVED. 


Meeting was called to order by Robert Shawler at 12:02pm.

Members in attendance:  Athletic Horizons, Above & Beyond, Airborne, American, Bay Island, Byers Roseville, Byers Sacramento, Cal Sports Center, Cal West, Calaveras Gold, CCGI, Central Coast, Central Valley, Clovis, Cypress, Davis, Diablo, Encore, Golden Bear, Golden Gate, Gym Stars, Gym World, Gymtowne, Gymweavers, Head Over Heels, Lamoreem, Lescisin, Merced, Michael Anthony’s, Miyagi, North Bay YMCA, Novato, Oroville, Pegasus, Peninsula, Poszars, Redwood Empire, Rising Starz, Rohnert Park, San Mateo, San Rafael, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Stanislaus, Sunnyvale, Technique, Tricks, Tri-Valley, United, West Valley, Windmill, Windsor, Woodland.  

Proposal to approve the minutes from the previous meeting.  Seconded.  Approved.

Treasurer’s report:  See Executive Board Minutes. 

USAG State Chair report:  Fran Earles reminded everyone to check with Technique magazine for membership instructions.  DO NOT send faxes more than once, or you may be charged more than once.

When submitting your club information to Nor Cal, be sure to include your fax and email to be included in the roster. 

After each competition, make sure that meet results have been sent to both Ben Corr AND your Zone rep.

 "Recruitment" has become an issue recently... Fran urged all Nor Cal clubs to allow your product to speak for itself rather than resort to overt actions to try and recruit athletes. 

There was a question as to whether National TOPS team members were still allowed to enter the J.O. program at any level.  We believe they are still able to enter at any level. 

Please refer to Executive Board minutes for the rest of Fran’s report. 

NAWGJ State Director’s report:  Please see Executive Board minutes.   

Also, Jennifer reported that the qualifying meet for Nor Cal to send the top six level 7’s to National Judges Cup will be held on Dec. 9th and 10th.  The top 6 qualifiers, along with one coach per qualifying club will be sent to Roswell,GA for the Nat’l Judges Cup on Jan. 6th and 7th.  Depending on numbers, other optional levels may be allowed in to the Dec. meet.  More information to follow. 

Nor Cal Coaches Award:  The 1999 Compulsory Coach(es) of the Year was awarded to Darrell Boykins and Chizu Holmes from Golden Bear.  Congratulations to them both. 

Region 1 Congress:  Be sure to get your registration in early!  Congress will be held on Labor Day weekend this year. 

Old Business:  See Executive Board minutes for report on the Compulsory Coaches clinic. 

Meet Calendar:  The calendar was checked for errors.  Motion was made to approve the meet calendar as presented.  Seconded.  Approved. 

New Zones:  A motion was made to approve the newly restructured zones.  Seconded.  Passed. 

New Business:  Proposal was made to do away with team designation at the Nor Cal State Championship meets.  Seconded.  After a lengthy discussion, during which both sides presented valid and heartfelt opinions, a roll call vote was taken. By a very narrow margin, the motion was defeated. 

Diane Amos kindly, and "unofficially" shared some updates on the upcoming Code of Points. 

The Nor Cal Perpetual Team Trophy was awarded to Airborne once again.  Nor Cal congratulates them on a wonderful season. 

Robert Shawler announced that he is the new owner of Cal West Gymnastics. 

Election of Officers:  The current Executive Board was re-elected for another term.   

Motion was made to adjourn to the zone meetings at 11:43am.  Seconded.  Passed.


The meeting of the Executive Board was called to order by Robert Shawler at 12:00pm.  

The following is an incomplete list of numbers of gymnasts, new Zone reps, and Zone meet hosts for every Zone in Nor Cal: 

1- Douglas Miller 63 29 36 16 10 6 0 T.B.A.
2- TBA 108 46 13 11 10 11 0 T.B.A.
3- Robert Waroff
Lescisin (Qualifying score to Zones - 30.00 AA)
4- Darcy Hansen 127 46 39 23 12 9 0 Rohnert Park (at Novato)
5- Josie Rozzelle 86 51 21 24 17 15 1 Head over Heels
6- Mary McKulle 83 39 22 25 9 4 0

Tri Valley (Qualifying score - 31.00, or top 68)

7- Penny Moyce 97 57 34 33 12 13 1

San Mateo (Qualifying score - top 68 with a 30.00 AA)

8- Dave Peterson 67 40 18 18 3 6 4

TBA (Qualifying score - top 68)

9- Rebecca Del Camp 74 47 24 13 7 3 1

Central Coast (Qualifying score - 31.00 AA or top 65 level 5’s, and top 50 level 6’s)

TOTALS: 755 385 207 163 80 67 7

A proposal was made to send a letter to each club, to be returned to the Zone reps,  asking whether or not they intend to participate in the State Championships.  If a club does not intend to participate, their gymnasts’ qualifying scores will not be counted when figuring the percent of a percent for State qualification from that zone.  Seconded.  Passed.   

Bids for State meets were discussed.  The following bids were accepted for Nor Cal State meet hosts: 

Level 5 - Almaden (Nov. 18/19)

Level 6 - Cypress (Nov. 11/12)

Level 7 - Rohnert Park (Mar. 24/25)

Level 8 - Technique (Mar. 31/Apr. 1)

Level 9/10 - TBA (Apr. 7/8)

 Zone reps were given meet packets for the Zone and State meet hosts.  Budget statements should be returned ASAP.  Budget statements are due 10 days after the bids. 

There was more discussion regarding team designation and the clarity of the issue at hand as it was brought to a vote. 

Zone reps were reminded to be sure to have meet hosts contact Danielle Bunel, Awards Chair, for their awards.  A proposal was made to have the deposit for Nor Cal awards be changed to $200.  Seconded.  This proposal was amended to read that the deposit for awards for Zone Championships be changed to $200.  Passed. 

Proposal that the deposit for State Championship awards be $1500 per meet.  Seconded.  Passed. 

Perry Siu reported to Zone reps that he had a very poor response to nominations for Optional Coach, Choreographer, and Judge of the Year awards, as well as James Wallace and Don Nelson Memorial awards.  There was some discussion about the most effective way to solicit more nominations.   

It was noted that the next meeting date is listed incorrectly in the calendar as being Fri. Sept. 1st.  The correct date is Sat., Sept. 2nd as listed on the Region 1 Congress schedule. 

Perry reported on the progress of the Scores and Ethics Committee.  Some of the recommendations were to develop a process to deal with infractions and arbitration.  The committee will meet again to solidify procedures and report back to the membership.  Included in that was a discussion about possible judges evaluations and how best we could facilitate that. 

A tentative date was chosen for the next compulsory coaches clinic on Dec. 2nd and 3rd, in conjunction with the judges’ clinic.   

Bill Strom mentioned that the judges had requested mountings for the Proscore keypads.  A motion was made that the USAG State Chair covers the expense for mountings for the Proscore keypads.  Seconded.  Passed. 

Bill will also be purchasing Adobe Acrobat to enable him to post documents on the Nor Cal website more easily. 

Motion to adjourn at 1:30pm.  Seconded.  Passed.   

Next meeting will be held Sat., Sept. 2, at the Santa Clara Marriott. 

Respectfully submitted,


Mary P. Miller, Secretary