HELD MARCH 31, 2001.

Meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 9:21 am.

Members in attendance were:  Rebecca Del Camp, Fran Earles, Mike Guzman, Darcie Hansen, Douglas Miller, Mary Miller, Penny Moyce, Dave Peterson, Josie Rozzelle, Robert Shawler, Jennifer Shipman, Perry Siu, P.J. Slater, Bill Strom, Keith & Terry Willette.

Motion to approve the minutes from the November meeting.  Seconded.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bill was pleased to report that Nor Cal is not broke!  The current amounts shown on the balance sheet do not include checks received for level 9 and 10 State entries.  Zone reps were asked to double check the detailed reports for any errors or omissions. 

There was a question about Zone and State subsidy fees.  Zone fees go to Fran, Compulsory State meet subsidies go to Nor Cal, and from Optional State Subsidies, two go to Fran and two go to Nor Cal.  The competition host packets have been updated to make that clear.

Bill also stated that he will not be running for another term as Treasurer.

State USAG Chair’s Report:  Fran reported that the Regional meets will be using a different floor than what was originally stated on the meet information. 

To clarify, drop-back dates are two weeks before the last qualification meet for zone (compulsory) or state (optional). 

Fran will continue to send information and newsletters via email to those whose address she has, and will mail to all others. 

The regional “gifts” of clothing and gear for competitors has gotten out of hand, because not all states in the region can afford the same amount.  Fran is concerned about girls getting left out, and would rather put that money to use for coaches education, clinics, etc… a discussion ensued about possible dates and subjects, and it was decided to hold a clinic to cover base score and rule changes for the upcoming season on August 4th, at a site to be determined.

NAWGJ State Director’s Report:  Jennifer informed the Board that 2 judges from Nor Cal were invited to the Brevet course and passed.  Congratulations to Elizabeth Crandall and Janet Packwood!  

Elite level is now being called the National level course and certification.  All optional level judges will now have to re-test.

Jennifer also strongly urged coaches to get rid of all old Codes and Technical Handbooks as soon as the new ones are issued.  This will go a long way to avoid confusion over new rules and values in the upcoming season!

Zone Reports:  It was noted that some clubs waited to send in their athlete registration fees until the week before the State meets.  Nor Cal will send bills for the late fees to those clubs.

There was a discussion about charging fees which would be attached to state entry fees if athletes are not registered with Nor Cal.  Other penalty options were also discussed.

Nor Cal Awards:  Compulsory Coach of the Year will be awarded at the June meeting.  Nomination forms for all other awards were handed out at level 7 State meet, and will be mailed to all who weren’t in attendance.  Nominations for the Nor Cal Board will be going out as well. 

The organization of the level 9 and 10 State meet was discussed, with some duties still uncovered.  Mike, Perry and Robert gathered volunteers for those duties.

Two proposals for changing the qualification methods for Compulsory State Championships.  Both proposals were discussed at length.  They will be combined and a final proposal will be mailed to the membership with the agenda for the June meeting. 

New Business:  Perry submitted a proposal to change the club membership application due date to July 31st instead of August 31st.  It was reviewed and will be sent to the General Membership for deliberation. 

A new membership packet has been put together and will also be mailed in advance of the June meeting.  Members will be encouraged to renew their membership at their Zone meeting in June. 

The proposed calendar was reviewed and revised… will be handed out at the next meeting.

Dave Peterson announced that California Sports Center is moving out of their Blackford Ave. site, so will no longer be a competition venue. 

As secretary, I regretfully submitted my official resignation, as of the upcoming June meeting, to the Board.  Every effort will be made to find a nominee to serve the remaining year of my term.

 Motion to adjourn.  Seconded.  Approved.  Meeting was adjourned at 11:16 am.

 Next Board and General meeting will be June 9th, with site and times to be announced.

 Respectfully submitted,  

Mary P. Miller, Secretary