Meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 9:25pm.

Members in attendance were: Fran Earles, Maria Ohlson, Robert Waroff, Ben Corr, Perry Siu, Mary McKulle, PJ Slater, Josie Rozzelle, Robert Shawler, Melanie Rozzelle, Patty Shipman, Jennifer Shipman, Doug Miller, and Mike Guzman.

Motion to approve the minutes from the Jan. 11th meeting. Seconded. PASSED.

Treasurerís Report: Account Balances to date: Money Market: $21,153.58

Checking: $16,262.16 (still receiving and depositing state meet awards money from this yearís state meet hosts)

State Chairís Report: No report

NAWGJ State Directorís Report: Discussion about not having a 4 judge panel at Level 8 States: Itís very costly to the meet host and there are not enough judges.

Proposal 1: Change the judging panel at Level 8 States from 4 to 2. Seconded. PASSED.

Proposal 2: NorCal will pay for judges 3&4 at Level 9&10 States beginning 2003 season. Seconded. PASSED.

Proposal 3: NorCal will reimburse JUMP (the meet hostís parent group) $3,000 for judges 3&4 of the 2002 L9&10 State meet. Seconded. PASSED.

Zone Rep Reports: No reports

Old Business:

*Perry Siu and Robert Shawler are still working on a Code of Ethics.

*Reminder: Any June meeting proposals must be sent to the board by May 15th.

*Requests for meets are due in April. The Regional and National dates will be published soon.

*The Chairman and Secretary terms are up in June. All nominations need to be submitted to the board by May 15th.

*Bids for all State meets are being accepted now and will be decided upon at the June meeting.

Dates: (L/5) 11/23&24/02, (L/6) 11/16&17/02, (L/7) 3/15&16/03, (L/8) 3/29&30/03 and (L/9&10) 3/22&23/03.

New Business:

*A letter by Robert Shawler to be sent to USAG requesting to have the choice to use the new vault table at the compulsory levels during the 2002 season is being drafted. This will be sent to USAG in time for NorCal to make a decision before the June meeting.

*Coaches award nominations for Optional Coach of the year, Choreographer of the year, Judge of the year, James Wallace and Contributor of the year are still being accepted and we still need more. Please send all nominations to Perry Siu. A ballot for Compulsory Coach of the year is included. Please return to Perry. This award will be acknowledged at the June meeting.

*The following gymnasts are this yearís winners of the following awards:

William Glover Memorial Scholarship: Corrine Allen - San Mateo Gymnastics

Holly Balber-Kemp: Kathryn Head - Michael Anthonyís




*NorCal calendar is being prepared. There was a discussion about the amount of meet cancellations this year and potential solutions.

Proposal: Limit the number of meets scheduled on the weekends to: during compulsory season: 3 per day & during optional season: 2 level 7-9 meets per day, 1 level 10 meet per day and 1 Compulsory meet per day. Seconded. PASSED.

*Please review the enclosed state meet proposal and be prepared to vote on it at the June meeting.

*We are still accepting bids for all state meets for the 2002/2003 season. They will be awarded at the June meeting.


Motion to adjourn. Seconded. Approved. Meeting adjourned at 10:39pm.

Respectively submitted,


Mary McKulle, Secretary