Meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 7:30pm.

Members in attendance were: Perry Siu, Mary McKulle, Jennifer Shipman, Maria Ohlson, Penny Moyce, PJ Slater, Kim Kor, Robert Shawler, Doug Miller, Bill Strom, Ben Corr, Nancy Kludt, Ron Ludwig, and Mike Guzman.


Motion to approve the minutes from the Nov. 16th, 2002 meeting. Seconded. PASSED.


Treasurer’s Report: Account Balances to date: Money Market: $21,202.70

Checking: $21,471.73 (still receiving and depositing state meet awards money from this year’s state meet hosts as well as $5,000 worth of outstanding bills)


State Chair’s Report:

*Clarification: all State Team Qualifiers at all levels 5-10 receive a shirt, jacket, and one other gift that is the same for all levels and decided upon by the State Awards Chairman. (top 6 AA at each level’s state meet)


NAWGJ State Director’s Report:

*NAWGJ will have the NorCal Judges Cup either Aug. 2&3 or 9&10. (Date and location TBA by the June meeting)


Zone Rep Reports: No reports


Old Business:

*The handbook is in the final process of correcting and updating and will be available at the June meeting for all members to review.


New Business:

*The Compulsory Coach of the Year ballot was included with the March Meeting Agenda; please return your votes to Robert Waroff by May 1st.


*Coaches award nominations for Optional Coach of the year, Choreographer of the year, Judge of the year, James Wallace and Don Nelson Memorial Award are still being accepted until May 1st.


*The following gymnasts are this year’s winners of the following awards:


William Glover Memorial Scholarship: Tori Quandt – Rohnert Park

Holly Balber-Kemp: Wendy Staples – Santa Rosa

Splitz Scholarship – Teresa Baldassari – Santa Rosa



*Bill Strom is heading a committee to bid on a classic meet for NorCal to host. He is heavy pursuit of the 2004 American Classic. Anyone interested in joining the committee, please contact a board member or Bill Strom at Gymtowne Gymnastics. The current committee members are Bill Strom, Robert Shawler, Maria Ohlson, Doug Miller, Mike Guzman, and Penny Moyce. Thank you.





*There were two proposals that were introduced which will affect the NorCal bylaws if voted in by the general membership. They must be reviewed, discussed and voted upon by all NorCal members at the June meeting. Please review the enclosed proposals and be prepared to vote on them at the June meeting.


*Another proposal regarding the potential elimination of the second Level 5 & 6 tap swing deductions by judges claiming safety reasons. Jennifer Shipman went to the National Office with this proposal and was told it will not be changed. The height requirements were already lowered with safety in mind and this was not an issue anywhere else in the country. Sanctions will be pulled at any meet caught not enforcing the correct deductions. Jennifer Shipman will discuss this further at the June meeting. Proposal was rescinded.


*The Executive Board is still accepting bids for all state meets for the 2003/2004 season. They will be awarded at the June meeting.


*Reminder: Any June meeting proposals must be sent to Perry Siu by May 15th.



Motion to adjourn. Seconded. Approved. Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.


Respectively submitted,



Mary McKulle, Secretary