Minutes from the Nor Cal Executive Board Meeting held Saturday, March 18, 2000.   

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm.

Members in attendance were: Members in attendance were: Danielle Bunel, Rebecca Del Camp, Fran Earles, Cindy Ferranti, Sheldon Gibson, Mike Guzman, Darcy Hansen, Cindy Marchetti, Mary Miller, Penny Moyce, Josie Rozzelle, Robert Shawler, and Perry Siu.  

USAG State Chair report:  Fran reminded everyone that Sue Graff is the new Regional Technical Chair. 

Sanction procedures are on hold right now, and changes in foreign athlete status are pending, so keep your eyes out for any upcoming changes.

Regarding  Safety Certification for those coaches who are 16 and 17 year old assistant team coaches:  they do have to take and pass the test…no more auditing.  

At National Congress in Boston, ALL the add-on courses will be held on Thursday, so make your plans accordingly.

Fran brought up a point about the current Nor Cal rule that athletes who change gyms within Nor Cal need to be financially cleared by their former club in order to compete.  She stressed that this is a Nor Cal rule, unenforceable by USAG, and there was a discussion about reconsidering the wording.  The board agreed that this was meant to encourage good faith efforts by a gymnast’s parents to pay any debts owed at their former club.   

There was extensive discussion regarding perceived inconsistencies in judging, and possible avenues for an evaluation process.  Perry will try to convene the committee formed to address just such concerns, possibly as early as level 7 State.

Fran reported that Denise Porazzo has sent her a more complete Regional financial statement, as requested by the Board.

Treasurer’s report:  Bill gave Board members a review of all deposits made this fiscal year, and reported that Nor Cal is very financially sound at this time.

NAWGJ State Director’s report:  Jennifer Shipman reported that for the National Judges Cup in Atlanta, Jan. 2001, NAWGJ will send a team of Level 7’s to represent Nor Cal.  Proposal that Nor Cal pay for 1 coach per represented team to accompany their gymnasts.  Seconded.  PASSED.

It was decided that there will be an intrasquad-type qualifying meet held on the weekend of Dec. 9-10 to determine the top 6 qualifying gymnasts.   There will be very minimal awards so that any additional profits from the meet will be used to help with travel costs.

Jennifer explained that we didn’t have enough level 10 rated judges to cover all the meets, some of which had levels 5-10 competing.  There was discussion that meet directors need to work with judges to make the best use of the number of level 10 judges available each weekend, especially with so few level 10’s actually competing.  This issue needs to be addressed in June, and even before that, the competition calendar needs to be adjusted to accommodate these problems.  Proposal that Nor Cal limit the number of level 10 meets per weekend to one, on a first come, first served basis when meet requests are submitted.  Seconded.  PASSED.

Nor Cal Awards:  The applications for Nor Cal awards were reviewed and voted upon, with results as follows:

Holly Balber-Kemp award -  Cynthia Thung

William Glover award -  Stefi Daehler

Splitz Scholarship – Flora Karoki

New Business:  It was proposed that the awards chairperson should receive $20 per meet for all the work involved in processing the Zone and State meet awards.  Seconded.  Passed.  The amount was amended to $300 total for each competitive season.  Seconded. PASSED.

Proposed was an increase in the Vice Chairman’s honorarium to match that of the Treasurer and Secretary, at $35 per month.  This increase will reflect the increased duties of the position.  Seconded.  PASSED.

Proposal that Nor Cal again provide loans for the training of new judges, to cover Safety Certification, clinics, test fees, book, USAG and NAWGJ membership, for up to 10 new judges.  If those judges then work a minimum of 4 meets per season for 2 full competitive seasons, those loans will be forgiven.  Seconded.  PASSED.

Zone Rep Reports: Sheldon reported some concerns about the rezoning in his zone.   Those concerns will be addressed at the June meeting.

Bill reported that the Pro Score system is in need of a new junction box and some new keypads for the system.  Proposal that Nor Cal buys a new junction box for the Pro Score system.   Seconded.  PASSED.

Proposal to buy a second Pro Score system, increase the rental charge to $200, and add a $50 charge if returned “messy”.  Seconded.  DEFEATED.

Proposal that Nor Cal buys 2 additional keypads for the Pro Score system.  Seconded.  PASSED.  Amended to purchase 8 additional new keypads.  Seconded.  PASSED.

The compulsory coaches clinic scheduled for May 13th will be held at Gymstars in Stockton.  More information to follow.

Motion to adjourn.  Seconded.  PASSED.  Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Next meeting will be held June 3rd, at a site TBA.

Respectfully submitted,


Mary P. Miller, Secretary