Minutes from the Nor Cal executive Board Meeting held January 21, 2000.

The meeting was called to order at 10:46 am.

Members in attendance were:  Fran Earles, Cindy and Dennis Ferranti, Sheldon Gibson, Mike Guzman, Mary McKulle, Mary Miller, Penny Moyce, Dave Peterson, Robert Shawler, Jennifer Shipman, Perry Siu, Bill Strom, and Robert Waroff.

Minutes from the previous meeting:  It was clarified that the State Subsidy and Regional subsidy is $2.00 per gymnast, not $3.00 per gymnast, as stated in the previous minutes.  This error is also on page 12 of the handbook, and will be corrected.  Motion was made to approve the minutes as corrected.  Seconded.  Passed.

Treasurer’s report:  The year to date Profit and Loss statement is attached, and goes back to Aug. 1, the beginning of NorCal’s fiscal year. 

Bill reported that the Pro Score rental has been very popular and successful, and also assured the board that the web site should be back up and running soon.

USAG State Chair report:  Fran reported that if coaches have an optional gymnast whom they want to petition to drop back a level, or an optional skill to be evaluated, they should send it to Sue Graff, the new RTC.   Her phone number is (818)710-1665.  For Compulsory drop backs, send your petitions to Fran.

 As a clarification, 16 and 17 year old Assistant coaches ony have to audit the Safety Certification course.  Once they turn 18, however, they do need to retake the course and pass the test in order to receive professional membership.

Fran also called the board’s attention to the Minutes from the Women’s J.O. Program Committee Conference Call, held on Sept. 8, 1999.  (These can be found on USAG’s website, or in Technique Magazine.)  Regarding the previous decision to disallow 20cm. Mats in JO competitions, the final word is that USAG cannot be more restrictive than FIG in regards to equipment.  Meet directors should be sure to include equipment specs in the meet information packets. 

Rohnert Park will be hosting the Regional Elite meet and TOPs training camp the weekend of May 19-21.  American Gymnastics Academy, in the Long Beach area, will be hosting the next regional meet/camp in July. 

Discussion of Level 4 start vlaues… because of different start values in different regions, meet directors who are including Level 4’s in their meets must publish start values in their meet information. 

The qualifying requirements for Compulsory Zone meets were discussed.  Motion was made that scores for qualification to Compulsory Zone Championships may come from any sanctioned meet in Region One.  Seconded.  Passed.  

NAWGJ State Director’s report:  Jennifer reported that the National Judges Cup was a great showing for the Level 6 Nor Cal State Team.   The girls placed second to Texas, and their Nor Cal uniforms were a big hit!   

The judges would like to sponsor the team again, but will not be able to afford to pay full portion.  When the level has been decided for next year’s State Team competition at Nat’l Judges Cup, the board will discuss the budget for sending the team. 

Neither NAWGJ nor USAG have set guidelines for judge’s hotel stays.  If a judge feels as if he or she needs to request lodging, he or she should contact the meet director, and a room should be provided. 

Jen has fielded some questions at meets from coaches which are covered in the current Technical Handbook.  Some coaches may only be using information found in the FIG Code of Points.  This is a reminder that all coaches should have the Technical Handbook for Coaches and Judges, and the JO Element Supplement to keep up with JO rules and skill values, as well as bonus requirements. 

Nor Cal Awards:   The Compulsory Coach of the Year ballots are included with these minutes.  Please return your completed ballot to Perry Siu by Feb. 29th.  Also included is the nomination form for the upcoming Executive Board elections.   This form must be returned by March 31st.    

Danielle Bunel (Tri Valley) is the new Nor Cal Awards Chairman.   Please contact her if you are hosting Zone or State Championship meets. 

Old Business:   The re-zoning of Nor Cal was discussed and adjusted.  Robert Waroff did an excellent job of taking on the project and sorting through everything to come up with a more even distribution of the larger competitive clubs.  Motion to accept the re-zoning proposal as adjusted.  Seconded.  Passed.  (The new Zone distribution list is included with these minutes.  Please look it over carefully!) 

New Business:   Robert Shawler would like to Nor Cal to host a Coaches Compulsory Clinic.  The dates of May 12th  and 13th have been set aside.  PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS.  A Safety certification and/or PDP I course were suggested for the Friday evening.  Once a site has been selected, and a schedule has been set, information will be sent to all Nor Cal clubs. 

Motion to adjourn.   Seconded.  Passed.  Meeting adjourned at 12:08 pm.   

Next Board Meeting will be held on March 18, immediately following the Level 8 State meet, at Pizza-A-Go-Go. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Mary P. Miller