Nor Cal Loses Nils Bengtsson

An article in the San Jose Mercury News

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Below is an email announcement put out by Larry Lermo.

Nils Bengtsson  passed away peacefully Monday afternoon, September 26th, at Santa Teresa Hospital in San Jose.   Nils fell in his home on Friday, September 16th.  He apparently suffered a muscle paralysis as, even though he was conscious and had no broken bones;  he was unable to move, and was not discovered until Monday the 19th.   He had a rocky week in the hospital as you can imagine.  However, he was improving and was seriously considering assisted living until his health deteriorated even further this afternoon, leading to his death at 5:00 P.M.  He was 91 years of age.

Nils had a positive impact on far more people than the few I have identified below.   I am confident we share a desire to have the opportunity to remember him.  However, I do not have the capability to contact all who would like to know Nils has died.  Here are the names of only a few of the folks who knew Nils well.
Sho Fukashima, Hal Fry, Roy Palasou, Ron Bell, Andrew Head, Steve Rodriguez, Cory Lermo, Mark Schmidt, Ernie Reyes, Dave Peterson, Chris Brown, Steve Runyon, Jeremy Eknoian, Dolly Felix, Tom Weeden, Jerry Ososkie, Carmichael Blankenship, Dave Juszczyk, Stewart Domeier, Jerry & Karen Eknoian, Felix Smith.
Will those of you who receive this note please email it to all you think would like to know about Nils.  Please correct spelling with enthusiasm.  Send a copy to me at < >.  This should produce a fairly complete address base within 24 to 48 hours.
I'll let everyone know the details of a memorial service as soon as the arrangements can be made.
Best regards,
Larry Lermo